Mid Season

Wassuuuup dudes!
Haven't seen you for a long time.
( actually you have't read me for a long time, but let skip details )
So here is some things that happened to me after my internship in Poland.
( if you don't read this and wanna be updated check it here
http://katrinritter.blogspot.ru/2016/07/poland-week-1.html  )
I finally and officially became a judge in ski jumping.

And I already got some practice in it,
sadly but man's World Cup in Russia is cancelled..
Okay maybe enough with ski jumping ( never enough :D )

Also I participated in World Skills Hi-Tech,
I was a volunteer there as one year ago and it was really nice to see everyone there!
Despite really shit fact ( huge thanks to OC ) that I wasn't with my Swiss friend
it was really really nice.
I met my friends, I haven't seen some of them for year!
I saw so many new technologies and tried hand made chocolates.
( yep food forever and ever )
And for sure our traditional Maximillian's party :D

Our accreditations, last year was better, much better.

Hand made chocolate yummy 

A little party never hurt nobody 

Also we saw really awesome robot KUKA, he ( sorry for it, but I can't call him she )
was able to open a bottle of ordered drink, deliver to your place and fill you a glass.
Isn't it awesome?? Future tech is gorgeous!

I was trying to keep diet, don't eat any junk food and pastry,
I survived for one month and when gave up :D
But at least I tried.

That's pretty all, my second uni will be finished in this December, so 
I'm TRYING to do my diploma and thinking about what's next?
I hope I will be able to handle this verge situation.

P.S. I've received postcards from my friends. I like post crossing a lot!

See you soon guys <3

X           X           X           X           X          X           X          X


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