Spanish Pancakes

When I was in Poland our awesome crew used to organize 
a cooking party and we did super yummy Spanish Pancakes.
My lovely Spanish Best Friend Eider shared with me this recipe.
And as you already noticed I hate cooking, but
really enjoy observing how people cook.

If you want to make something easy and tasty here we go!
This recipe is 100% for you.


  • flour 150 g 
  • butter 50g
  • sugar 2 table spoon
  • milk 200 g
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 Royal teaspoon

In the beginning I start pouring milk and I cut the butter 
in little pieces to shake it easily.
Once it's dissolved I pour the rest of the ingredients: eggs, sugar, flour 
and the last one, Royal. 

You have to beat everything until you get a liquid dough.
Once you get the perfect dough, you have to put butter at the pan. 
Maybe the first pancake will be a hero, you can use it to absorbe the butter excess. 

After that, the pan will be ready to cook the rest of the pancakes.
It's finished! You can combine them with sugar, nutella,
jam or fruits.

Pancakes with strawberry jam.

Pancakes with Nutella.
It's just different ways how to serve it :P

P.S. It's been almost one month after my project finished..
I miss you my Poland Family ❤

X           X           X           X           X          X           X          X

Kate and Eider.

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