Must do list in Kaliningrad

After the end of my project I decided to spend some days in
Kaliningrad, it's a Russian city in Europe. 
( yes, this small piece is still Russia )
And I created my own must do list,
so if you will ever go there you need to follow it to enjoy this city completely!

1) Königsbäcker bakery 

As usual food is the main part in my life.
So first of all you need to go to Königsbäcker, it's the most cozy place there!
And maybe you know that in the past Kaliningrad was Königsberg till 1946.
And you might also know my strong passion to German and it can be 
translated as the city of kings. 
It was a small historical reference.
I tried cocoa and cranberry bun, it was too yummy!

2) Find an amber

This is pretty popular thing here! You can find jewelry from it,
different souvenirs and etc.
But the most exciting thing is ti find this fossilized tree resin by yourself!
So to do this we went to different beaches, the first one was in
Pionerskij one of the most famous place for tourist.
I was't so lucky for the first time and was very upset, because I couldn't find any 
amber there! But like 30 minutes later I found my first piece!
I was so happy, really like a child and it shined so much.
The next day we went to Vistula Spit and found even more there!

So first you need to find seaweed just thrown from the sea,
it has maximum possibility that you will found amber there.

I used a stick, but you can do it with your hands it's more fun.

This is my small collection. now it's a bit bigger.
And in the end I only picked more or less big pieces :D

3) Swimming in a Baltic sea

Where else in the world you can swim in cold water with big waves
and finally don't want to go out?
Yep, here!
You can say that I'm crazy and I'm probably is,
but the feelings that you've got after this crazy jumping in the stormy weather..
It's worth it. Just try and you will understand.

I have too much sea photos, but for person who lives
very far away from sea it's okay ;)

4) Visit Vistula Spit and the most westerly point of Russia

We came there by ferry and it took 10 minutes from Baltijsk by sea.

We were there with my good friend and he studied history,
so we had pretty awesome excursion.
We visited old German airports and even climbed on top of it.
We were accompanied by two completely crazy dogs! They didn't even care
about hight and just chilling on the roof!

30 metres hight

Also we visited an old fortress, that originally was build by
Swedish, but Germans finished it.
How I adore such places! I can spent there eternity..
You can feel the touch of history and can hear the sounds of battle,
even imagine how one try to conquer another territory..
Okay I'm talking about it too much, #sorrynotsorry.

This is how the most westerly point of Russia looks like!
It's very windy there, but still beautiful and romantic.
You can have a picnic and enjoy the view and sound.

Also you can find a lot boats, sailing is very popular in Baltijsk.

This photo is one of my favorite. 

5) Walk in docks

Maybe it's not such perfect place, but if you know there to go you can find
gorgeous views.

This is all my list, maybe next time I will add some more places.
But I think for 3 days it is enough.
I visited 4 cities and I'm very happy that my friend spend this days with me! 

P.S. Always wanted a picture like this.
You can use it for emergency situations :)

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