It's impossible to be in love just after few steps on the new place?
But not in Kazan'.
I've being waiting for visiting this city maybe for three years. I don't know why I couldn't go earlier ( stupid me, cause it's not so far from me about 15 hours by train ). And finally it happened. 
This place is just amazing! I don't have enough words to describe my feelings.
It's like a fresh breath after sultry night.
The city was built in 1005, quite long time ago,yep?
Especially after my native city which is only near 300 years was built.

The atmosphere there is astonishing. I thought that nothing could beat St. Petersburg.. But Kazan' DID THIS.
And I would say more.. I want to move to that city.

I were in Kazan' during Russian Student's Spring and really didn't have a lot time to explore every corner of this beautiful city.
And despite of all shit that I got there ( it was because some problems in OC, but now it doesn't really matter ) I still love everything that were there!

Continue my travel habits I moved only by underground. Twice I used tram and once trolleybus. And even it was completely different from my city.
People are different, like you're not in Russia. Food are different and even other language.Of course all people speak russian, but still.. 
It's like other country inside Russia.

So my advice. If you weren't in Kazan' GO IMMEDIATELY.
Especially in summer.

P.S. Sunrises there just perfect.

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  1. очень красивые фотографии!

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    1. thank you :) and I think it's a good idea