Carrot Pie

     Sometimes you are looking for easy and fast recipe, and you almost have nothing in       your fridge?
And here comes a Carrot Pie! And btw it's vegan.
( nobody will notice this until you say them, checked on my parents, who hates everything vegan )
I made it with the help of my small sis, so it's really interesting idea to do it with your child / relatives. 


  • carrots ( I took 3 middle size );
  • flour 130 g.
  • sugar 100 g.
  • baking powder 1 tsp
  • cinnamon 1 tsp 
  • olive oil 75 ml.
  • juice 75 ml. ( I took multifruit flavor )
  • additional : raisins / coconut / nuts

Grate the carrot on a grater. When add in this cinnamon and a little bit of sugar.
Let it soak and flavor become more saturated.

Grab a big bowl and put there flour, sugar, baking powder.
After put there carrot, olive oil and sugar. Mix it until you get quite elastic dough.
When place it in form.
( little hint if you make it with kids prepare a silicone form of animals,
children will be very happy! )

Heat the oven till 180 degrees and put our yummy in it for 30 minutes.

And.... it's all!!
Your stomach is ready for healthy food!

P. S. As you can see my sis approved this pie.

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Kate & Nastya.

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