About Me

Hello 💕
to all new people who came here for the first time.
I'm 21 yo girl, who looks like 14 and behaves like 14. 🙈
I'm from Russia, Ekaterinburg.
( no jokes please about Ekaterina from Ekaterinburg )
Now I'm studying in Ural Federal University, actually finishing my bachelor
degree at low temperature physics faculty.
So I'm a future scientists no

I've been involved in sport volunteering since May 2014 and it completely
changed me, I became different person.
With huge passion to sport,
I used to practise since my childhood and I tried many different things.
Aerobics, ballroom dances, ballet, basketball, volleyball,
table tennis, football,contemporary dances and finally skiing.
So ya kinda into it.

It's not only about sport in my life.
Also drawing, making some hand made gifts, reading books 
( my fav is classic foreign literature and fantasy ), 
taking pictures and editing them and of course writing here!
The "age" of my blog is 4 yo, I'm kinda proud that I still do this.
Yes, if you noticed I'm vegetarian and despite that I hate cooking 
sometimes I have a good mood and can do something new and interesting. 
For sure I share it with you 💙
Also I like different languages, I can speak I hope so fluently only English,
but I can try speaking in German and Polish a bit.
Also I know some words and phrases from many languages 👅
Basically it's all so if you are interested you can read and follow me!

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