Lahti, Finland

FIS Nordic Ski Championship.
Two years after Falun... time flies 
I've just remembered how we returned from Falun with my friend 
and made a promise that for sure we will go to Lahti!
And I went there without her,
but still it was "really great competition".

It was really nice to see familiar faces and somebody from Falun,
especially my new mommy Olga 😆
Nice to meet new people even though I barely will meet them again,
but who knows?
Maybe next championship or OG?

I was volunteering at media service,
but ended up as usual helping everywhere.
Ski jumping and nordic combined mixed zone, commentary position ( guys who worked there know how good this place 😅 ), 
personal translator for Russian ski team ( yep it was awesome experience!) and surely my lovely main media centre!

We had the best girl crew and each night we had food party!
They know how much I love pizza after shifts!
Always hungry me.

Once we had a day off and instead of laying on our "bed" 
we decided to go to Vierumäki and practise skiing.
I was like 5 yo kiddo on the new year eve!
Such a gorgeous tracks there! and view...
only bc of this I can move to Finland.
And I skied 17 km, my personal best ( for now ).

The strange thing about time, 
sometimes it passes really slowly and sometimes with a light speed.
Second half was so fast.. 
we enjoyed competitions and time there.
I also tried to jump from small K5 with small plastic skies,
that was funny.

We visited the top of the hill, but we had such a small time there!
I just wanna sit there and think.
But maybe next time.

The thing why I love Finland....
The most yummiest chocolate ever!
I have never eaten so huge amount of choco...
RIP diet.
and also Lakritsi.. this candy.. just no comments..
just try it 26 times as one coach told me 
Pulla our huge love there!
I tried to taste almost all traditional dishes there,
yes I like food 😻

It was incredibly nice two weeks there!
And right after I went to St. Petersburg for few days and
then to one more competition.
And the season almost over for me,
just one more Russian Championship left.

Thank you Lahti! 

X           X           X           X           X          X           X          X


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