Poland. Week 4

Again the last week in kindergarten, feeling sad about it.
From one point it's good to change but from the other...
Week by week we get used to it.

Because it was the last days we want to cook for kids,
so they knew our national cuisine.
For me it was a little bit hard, firstly because I can't cook and don't really like it,
secondly our cuisine is so similar!
But still we want to surprise kids.
I was the first and prepared apple pie with kids,
we chopped apples and mix the dough together.
Surprisingly it was good :D 
No one died 

The next turn was Eider's pancakes,
they were very delicious! And completely different from pancakes I used to.
Everyone wanted more and more.

And the last one was Meryem she did some kind of rolls with Nutella 
and berries. It was also very nice and sweet :P

The last day was very fast we also did workshops with hand painting.
We all was dirty, but kids like this.
The said goodbye and this experience ended.

No time for being sad, so I went shopping.
It's sales time, so imagine how many clothes there were!
I spend almost 5 hours!! It was too much for me.
But I found very nice things.

On the weekends we are trying to spend as much time together as possible.
The time is running. We went to bubble festival.
For the first time we couldn't find a place and we were planning 
to go to the old town, but suddenly we saw it and went there.
It's pretty funny and you feel like a child when you pop the bubble!
Aft we went to an old town to see the St.Dominic fair.
There you can find almost everything starting with wooden things and ending with cheese.

For sure I'm like million crazy users I'm playing Pokemon go.
So half of the weekend was Pokemon go in Gdansk Glowny.
I walked in very crowded place and suddenly saw Pokemon and just stopped to catch it.
People just looked at me in very strange way,
but it okay I used to it.

Next week moving again to new place. ( actually it's again same
hostel that I stayed before, but carrying my heavy luggage is not so fun )
Just two weeks left...
But now I don't want to think about it.

X           X           X           X           X          X           X          X


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