Poland. Week 5 and 6

Last two weeks in Poland and I decided to put it in one post,
because I'm jobless :D and not so many work related things happened.

Week 5 was very calm and I spend most of my morning time with Katia from Ukraine.
We walked a lot ( as usual typical me :D) and went to Gdansk university 
to collect some info about application process.
Also we bought awesome hummus in Biedronka,
one of my favorite stuff here!
( if you don't know that is it check here 
and try it, I strongly recommend! ).
We explored Oliwa a lot we found huge Auchan and beach like 
20 minutes by foot, thanks to Pokemon Go.

At the end of the week we supposed to go to public library,
it was pretty okay, I adore books and there were even books in Russian
and about Ancient Greece :P

On Saturday we had a Global Village,
it's a huge event for all EP's, we all presented our culture and traditional 
cuisine / clothes / games.
So on Friday it was cooking day, as some of you might know
I hate cooking and I've never done it before!
So it was pretty crazy night, we finished at 4 am
and still it wasn't completely ready!
So I woke up and made one more apple pie, because the first one we burned :D
But the event was awesome! We all tried each other things and danced in the street.
People just filmed us, it was awesome.

And on that day one of us went home, it was girl from Ukraine.
This is how the most sad week started..

I had a birthday on Friday, my 21 birthday,
when I become so old, e? :D
No I'm not old for sure, but now I'm more when 20 yo.
It made me think about some serious stuff.
My very lovely mommy ( sorry not sorry Paweł )
made my original mom's cake and it was very delicious.
( when I wrote this word I can hear how my Spanish bestie pronounce it )
And it was a closing ceremony time.. 
We realized that it all over..

I never thought that I could cry so much..
It was really hard, day by day one of us left..
But now we had this memories with us, all the pictures, videos, phrases
and for sure Skype calls!
I've never thought that we will become so close to each other,
we ruined each other stereotypes,
we unite our world.
Now we all have places to stay all around the world,
and this is why we all must meet again!!

Now I'm going to Kaliningrad for three days and when finally will
go back to my hometown ❤️

P.S. There will be still more post about Poland, 
one about Polish cuisine and how to make
Spanish pancakes with Eider 

P.P.S. It's insanely hard to say goodbye..
Hope to see you all soon!!
Not hope, but sure!

X           X           X           X           X          X           X          X


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