Poland. Week 3

It's almost 3000 views on my blog,
and I'm really happy about it ❤️

On the third week we were changing kindergartens
and I finally moved from my "beloved" Malbork to Gdansk.
On Monday we went to our new work place in Pruszcz Gdanski
it's like 15 minutes from the city center by train.
For sure we were lost, because we didn't take the direct train
and we were late.
But the teachers were very good to us and said that it's okay.
Again new children and they need time to adopt to us.
We colored with them matryoshka it was pretty funny.
But in general that week was calm 
( I can't same the same for the weekends, 

In the middle of the week our team organize a cooking party.
Shruk our chief made very delicious meal for us!
And the hostel where we were stayed was crowded,
it was impossible to move, but we were together and 
that's important.

In that weekend there was a ski jumping competition in Wisła.
I wasn't sure that I will go, because I will be alone..
I discussed with the kindergarten if I could miss classes on Friday and
went to the ski jumping.
Again they said to me no problem.
So I bought a tickets to the train and I was very worried 
about going there. I even had a nightmares.

So the day X came and I packed my stuff,
and right after the meeting ( it was a debriefing for EPs, because 
we all need this to feel better ) I went to the train station.
And it won't be me if something happened.
I went by stairs and didn't notice the step,
felt and wrench my ankle.
Some random people helped me to stand and to find a train platform.
I was thinking not to go, cause my leg hurts me a lot.
But when I said to myself that I must go.
This is how my weekend adventure started.

I had a train from Gdansk to Katowice and it took about 8 hours 
I think. After I arrived to Katowice I tried to find 
first aid, but I couldn't and just went to pharmacy and they gave to
me some gel.
My battery was dying and I still didn't achieve the final destination.
I found very lovely bakery and stayed there until, my phone charged.
When I went to the bus stop to travel to Wisla.
It was two hours tripping and I tried to sleep a little bit.
I arrived to main bus stop and must reach jumping hills.
I had no idea how to do it, so I asked people and one woman from Ukraine helped me. There were no direct bus, but they told me it takes just few minutes to reach it from the bus stop.
The bus stopped in the forest and there were no one, I had no idea that to do and I just went further the road. I found very beautiful waterfall and there were people and they said that I must turn back.
It was crazy because of my feet, but I did it.

And you know that feeling when you finally see the hills!
It was a relief for me. The best feeling.
I was in place where I always feel like home,
the place where your soul can rest,
the place where you can meet nice people.

For the first day I stayed in race office, because of my leg.
 I saw finally how fan girdling working. 
There were so many people and atmosphere was amazing! You can never see something like this in Russia. 
After the competition I moved to Ustroń for sleepover. It's small, but cozy city and it only two hours by foot and you reach Czech Republic. 
Isn't it crazy? 

In the morning again returned to Wisla for competition, 
I felt much better and finally were able to work in the equipment control. 
It's the best position ever. From that spot you can see all jumps and you are in the center of an action. 
Maybe I was in the TV who knows :D 
Again the competition was over and you feel some sadness, 
but I get used to it. Every time is the same...

On Sunday I went to Kraków, this city is gorgeous! 
It was very crowded, because of Youth Days, but still I could enjoy the city. 
Also I tried famous pretzels and it was very tasty. I walked a lot and was very tired. 
In the evening I met friends there and we spend some time.
Again funny story. I thought that I had train at 21:50, but it was at 21:25. 
So I missed my train. I was so terrified, crazy combination for me. But I managed to buy a new tickets. And I was going back to Gdansk.

It was crazy weekend. Four cities in three days. Many emotions, new friends.
I have not enough words to describe that I feel.

X           X           X           X           X          X           X          X


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