Poland. Week 2

Hello from Malbork, small city where you can find almost nothing to do.
I don't want to exaggerate but after 6 pm there is nobody in the street.
For sure it's peaceful place, it's good to stay here for one day or two, 
but for a long time it's too much.

In the weekend we escaped from our place.
And went to color fest, it was pretty funny. But color powder was everywhere! 
Even in my glasses. People starred at us in the train, but it was worth it.
When you stay in the huge crowd and powder is in the air. I think I even ate some of it :D

I'm always trying to find adventures for myself, so that weekend wasn't an exception.
I tried couchserfing in Gdynia. It was really good experience.
The host was very kind to us and we had a good time together.
The next day one of our EP had a birthday,
so we all went to the beach. Play volleyball and ate national Spanish food.
Our "mommy" made a perfect cupcakes ❤️

It was a day of EURO final, I thought that I will watch it again in that Malbork sport bar.
But we decided to stay in Gdansk and watched the match. It was too late tor return home 
and we stayed there.
After such amazing weekends we must work in our kindergarten.
We had a culinary classes and made very traditional Russian apple pie!
With kids for sure and with my moms help ( the original one not Paweł ).
The smell was amazing, but we decided to eat it on tomorrow's 
bonfire party.

I adore that kids! We made a lot of fun with them.
Gonna miss all of my little bunnies.

The working week was over and again we moved.
Now from Malbork to Gdansk.
On Friday we had an AVICII concert. I've been waiting for it for quite a long time to see this.
And it was fantastic! I don't have enough words to describe that I feel.
Especially when your favorite song is playing.
Wake me up, waiting for love, hey brother..
When I will be at home I will compose a video for sure!

On Saturday we went to old town, I think I know every street there.
Because of the weekend there were a lot of performances,
my favorite was a classic music by violin and accordion.
You just listen it and all the fears and worries are come away from you.

On Sunday we went to Sopot, we supposed to swim in the sea.
But the weather was too cold, so we just walked around and enjoy city.
There I found cheap vegetarian restaurant and it was so good!
I tried there creeps and it was not like American pancakes,
but like normal from Russia with :D

Maybe I miss a bit my moms cooking.
It was gorgeous week.
Waiting for the next adventure!

X           X           X           X           X          X           X          X


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