Poland. Week 1

One week of working in Poland is over. I'm really glad that I came here and all worries that I've got before that trip have gone.
About cultural shock: our culture is kinda similar and some phrases are same, same dishes, same food and even the name of the sweets. 
But I like it a lot, like I'm in Russia, but in that time I'm not. 
Each day I made some notes to share with you. 
So let's start with day by day.

I came here 30 of June in the evening and it was a day of a Poland vs Portugal match. 
So we went to see a football game and it was the first time 
when I saw all aisecers and eps. It was so nice everyone was so friendly and open! After the match my coordinator here ( we okay me named him mother of EP's) toled me that today I will move to Sopot.
 So I spend one night there and moved again to hostel in Gdansk. It would be much fun if I won't have such heavy luggage. 
One the next day we came to old town, it was so gorgeous! I don't have enough words to describe what I feel. It's like you finally get to the fairytale,
 I has a goosebumps! And I really want to live here! At least for some more time.

I and one more girl went by foot from Sopot to Gdynia, 
it takes about four hours, but it was definitely worth it! 
First we came by beach, when I put my sneakers off it was like a fresh breathe. I haven't been in sea for quite a long time. So I feel myself like I'm a child. When we find a forest and did hiking we lost a little bit,
 but when we followed a locals and find a right way out. Finally we reached Gdynia, we were starving! And found a Mr. Pancake to eat something. 
The food there is gorgeous, you can feel it from a photo. I wish I could have something like this in Russia!

I supposed to stay in Gdansk, but my kindergarten quit the program, 
so again I moved to another place and it was Malbork. I traveled through this city and I was kinda impressed it small, but so beautiful and it has a castle! 

On Tuesday my work has started, the kindergarten is so nice! 
Very lovely, especially kids! They look at you and you inspire them through different activities. I showed them our Russian song and we also do some yoga classes and crafting stuff.

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