Germany. Flashback.

Guten Tag to everyone!! I'm really glad if you read my new post here :) 
I want to tell you about my last trip to Germany. It was one of the most amazing adventure in my life. But I'm really regret that I didn't have Instagram account when I was there. But now I would tell you, my dear followers, about the cutest moment  from Germany.
I was there with my close friends and we spend all our time together, we research new place to eat (food is my passion, especially tasty deserts from bakery), visit art galleries and museum. Usually (maybe because of my stupidness and my disorientation in open area) we lost our group and we was frightened because I know only some phrase in German and nobody knows English, we couldn't ask somebody to find a road. Once we were completely lost and we hadn't enough time to reach our bus stop, we run for dear life and we made it in time.
I have so so so many photos from where, but I try to choose the best one. I hope you enjoy this.

The most famous and well recognizable castle in Bayern. It's Neuschwanstein.  I think it's the paradise! But I was disappointed a little bit when I came inside, my imagination ( due to all middle-century films) fancy so many little stuff and details, which always support the royal family, wasn't there at all. But the view to this castle overlapped all these shortcomings. So if you go to Germany, you must visit it!

Guys, can you really believe that it may be school? I looks incredible!! I want to study in place like this, it looks like Hogwarts, but in real life. 

I can't truly believe that I was there. Bring me back please!

This sign looked so cool that I couldn't handle to make shot of this place.

Dresden art gallery. I genuinely adore paintings, and this place consider huge amount of famous painters works. And it also have nice place to relax and think about your life.

And the last, but not the least, photo. I didn't remember exactly the place, bur aren't this flowers look amazing?

This is the end. 
P.S. I hope ( really much ) that I will write one more post on the weekend about food (maybe) ;)
P.P.S Please follow me, make me a happy girl. 

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