March Favorites

This March was very extraordinary. I can't ever imagine that I will film a video for YouTube and I will have a channel! But it happens and I need enormous amount of time to make videos. I suppose I have a lot of ideas and I can realize them soon!
Secondly, I start using cosmetics. Truly  I have never used it before, but result was quite nice :)
I use eyeliner Vivienne Sabo, this eyeliner is cheap but good and comfortable. And for eyelids I use some PUPA shadows.
Also I put in my face BB cream Garniere, when you put or render this cream  your skin is breathing and I'm not exaggerating!
Finally, I used organic lip balm Sierra Bees, so my lips become softer. And apply on top lip gloss BIJOU.
There is the result:

I'm sorry for the inverted image but I'm so nice there. I accually hate my face but there I was so pretty  :)

Okay, It's all about my cosmetic investigation. Let's talk about... APPs for iPhone! Recently, I was obsessed  with new photo apps. I already told you about VSCOcam, and now my new favorite app is TASOP.

There you can treat your images and add some awesome effects! Try it immediately.
The second app is for music. It called 50music and it's amazing! You can listen different style of music. And the radio station situated from all world.

In the end I need ti say you that sky is my new obsession in photography! I have about 200 photos of sky in my photo steam. When you up your head and look to the sky you understand the beauty.



P.S. I made an order on EBAY, and I can't wait until it comes to me. There will be really CUTE THINGS THERE. When it comes to me, I will show you guys!

Buy-buy :3

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