Vegetarian. Be or not to be?

Hey guys! I want to tell you that's today is my first anniversary! I haven't eat meat and some animal products of one year. When I decided not to eat meat I can't ever imagine that I won't eat meat for one year. I really proud of myself. 

Most of my friends asked me what I actually eat, and they surprised when I answer them. They can't accept that thing, that you can enjoy your lifestyle without burgers, fried meat and chicken. But I truly can say for you that you can enjoy your life without food. I don't mind if you eat meat, because it's your own choice. You must understand that is better to your health by yourself. If you want to live your life fluent  you need to refuse from meat. Most of products saturated with carcinogens and they destroy your immune system.If you don't want to hurt yourself just eat clean food. I'm not summon you  not to eat milk, cheese and cottage cheese. But I strongly recommended you to eat clean food. 

It's my own opinion about vegetarian lifestyle, I'm not force it to anyone. But if you still doubt about become vegetarian watch Earthlings.
Also I recommended to you one book 80/10/10 by  Douglas N. Graham.

Be brave and never give up.

P.S. Some bananas :)

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