Everyone has a couple, but I don't

Why are you alone? Why don't you have a pair?
I thought many of us answered such questions. And that is the answer? It depends on people, some of us feel fine and enjoy this, others feel really uncomfortable and think that it isn't normal to be alone.
But I think that it's actually good to be alone.You don't need to care about somebody (I know that it sounds selfish, but I'm selfish, sorry), and some partners are owners. They are jealous of for everything. You can't do that you want, and I hate this (write it again it depends on person). 
I so tired from this pressure, all my relatives remind me that I'm old enough for relationship. Because almost all my ex-schoolmates are married and some of them have children!
For me it's too insane. I'm still a child and I want to have fun.

 I need this AWESOME bicycle.

What else can children want??

P.S. Recently I have one negative question on ASK.FM. I'm bagging u to help me! If u don't like something PLEASE write a comment, so I can fix it.

P.P.S I filmed a couple video from FIFA FAN FEST in Ekaterinburg
Here is the link http://youtu.be/_jFVYsT1sug

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