I'm ready

For a long time I think I'm become more stupid than I was.
And as anyone who try to do something with his life, 
I want to correct this.
With no long thinking I create a list of books, which
I want to read in rest of summer holidays.
I tried to combine useful and interesting books.
(If someone want to get this list, I can write it)
My last book was "Under my skin",
( in Russian version: Stay in my hide)
it was very inspiring and it force you to
change your vision of the world.
And indeed the ending isn't like the most of modern books.
Now I'm under impression from this book!

But apart from that, I need something else.
And I can't understand that I exactly want.
Maybe unexpected journey?
Or visiting local museums?
Or meeting a sunrise on the roof?
I don't now...
It's hard to understand what you want, isn't it?  

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