Awesome vegan pizza. Recipe.

Who says that vegan eat only grass and fruits?
This is ridiculous! There are plenty of different delicious 
recipes. And I want to share one of them with you!
Despite that I stop eating meat, I still love pizza!
And one day I wanted it so so much, that I
invent super healthy vegan pizza recipe.

  • A half of pizza dough
  • Tomato sauce ( or ketchup )
  • Tomatoes and champignon mushrooms ( or other veggies that you love, that just my fav )
  • Fresh herbs ( it will make your pizza more crunchy and juicy )
  • Spices ( I use garlic/salt/herb and black pepper )

Lets get started!!!

Firstly, you need to grease the dough with your tomato sauce 
or ketchup. But don't use a lot of.

Secondly, slice your tomatoes and mushrooms ( other veggies it may be zucchini, carrot, broccoli) very thinly, so they fully roasted in the oven. ( we don't want to eat raw veggies, except you are 
rawfoodist )

Thirdly, sprinkle with spices and put your yummy pizza  in the oven.
The oven must be heated at 180 degrees.

Wait for super-long 13-15 minutes and voila your pizza is almost 
ready. Serve it with your fresh herbs and enjoy this healthy pizza!!

P.S. You can hold in the half and you will get huge sandwich.
P.P.S. If you want more vegan recipes, leave a comment. <3

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