Tyumen biathlon

I'm not a biathlon fan, but our volunteer organization
suggest to go to Open European Championship.
And I thought it will be stupid to refuse.
This is how my adventure started.
First of all we had an amazing company there! 
My old friends and a lot of new ones.
( its really important to have a good people around you,
it creates unforgettable atmosphere; i will remember all those jokes )

We lived in a child camp and it was so funny to refresh your old memory.
Fresh air, woods and sky full of stars...
What can be more romantic?

The biathlon centre is incredible ( of course not better than sj hills ),
the crowd were so loud and you can feel this spirit!
I never watched it before, but then you see it in real life..
It's awesome.
I won't say that I will watch it on tv, but it's always cool to cheer our athletes.
Very proud of them!

And again I left a piece of my soul there.
This week a bit change my life again. 
Go beyond, create tomorrow. 

X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X


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