one year impression

Today is anniversary day
it's been one year since our trip to Falun.
This adventure change my life.
It was the first time when I went abroad alone ( I mean without elders ).
It was the first time when we organize everything by ourselves.
It was the first time when I live in someones flat.
And so many things happen there.
The atmosphere there were amazing!

How we danced in the middle of the street.
How we lost every evening from the road from centre to home.
How we ate insanely delicious food,
how I ate someone's ice cream and stole t-shirt :D
Last night party...
How we missed our station and went to the city.

How we barely didn't stay in Stockholm, because of our luggage.
How we wore all of ours clothes, so we can pass check-in.
It was really really great.
Falun always will be in my heart!

P.S. here you can see how Anton ( Swedish guy who hosted us ) singing song...

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