all about that... wedding

The wedding from the other side.

Photography is just one of my hobbie,
but sometimes I get a chance to work at weddings.
It one iof my favorite kind of photography,
because you can see people happiness.
And just imagine how many things they do before everything
became perfect.
As far as we know "perfection" doesn't exist.
But when you go there you understand that maybe everything is possible.

A little bit about how it to work at weddings.
Some of people think that there isn't anything complicated,
you just take shots and go around them.
Why should we pay so much money for this? 
( especially it's about elders)
We mostly spend more than 12 hours on our legs,
without any chanc to rest.
Usually in the end I just can't stand and
when I finally go to bed I can't sleep..
Steel have noises in my head.
But it's worth it..
When you seen your works,
when you edit them...
Oh, that feeling!

I'm trying to say, 
if you have a friend photographer don't do this.

Here's my latest wedding work.
Hope you will like it.

P.S. If you want to see full series,
go there:

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