things we appreciate

Yep, I know that I didn't write here
for like over a million times.

Just couldn't put all my thoughts together.
In general, 2015 was awesome.
It started dynamically and ends in same way.
I adore make a summary every year,
but now it's almost February and it won't be interesting.

The name of my "note" refers to fact that I realized in this month.
Like all normal students I had exams 
(do not know how correctly to name but in German it's Sitzungsperiode :D), 
I had a terrible panic attacks 
because in last term I didn't do anything
(and according to the head of the department is must be the most difficult term for whole studying, well typical me) 
I mentally prepared to take my documents away,
 but I was saved by a trip to ... Tagil, 
there was a national champ in ski jumping
 (strange isn't it?) and after that  I was quite calm and almost magically passed almost all exams (there was only one) .

So that's how I suddenly realized that I appreciate my studies, in spite of all my whining .. 
I hope you appreciate what have, 
because we did not like to do it .. 
Peace to everyone and see you  someday 

P.S. just only now I realized 
that I had so many things to write about.. yay stupid me
try to fix this in 2016

X       X       X       X       X       X       X       X


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