this summer's gonna hurt like a motherf*cker,

even it has been almost a month after summer,
I still want to write about it.
I rethink about that happened and I can properly tell you everything.
( okay not everything cause of censure )

like all students my summer began with my exams,
so I didn't count it as summer time.

after I was at industrial exhibition INNOPROM,
I don't remember that was there, because so many things were
after it :D
but it definitely was funny

almost immediately after that I went to St. Petersburg
to Preliminary Draw for FIFA WC in 2018.
I fell in love in that city,
gorgeous architecture, awesome vegan cafes and metro.
( I can create a song for it,
 cause we had ONLY 6 station in my city )
huge thanks to our head chair,
he allowed us to go to the event, 
however I was so tired so I took a nap right there :D
( only I could do that )
certainly we had a "cultural" program,
at one evening we go with our crew to night rave,
we've visited several clubs,
and we even went to gay club!  
thanks to very "kind" guys from Peter.

after my incredible trip to St.P.
I was offered to volunteer as a team leader at Handball Youth World Championship, and I also worked with team.
my friends knew how much I wanna go to internship to Slovenia, 
but it didn't happened, so sLOVEnia came to me  
I spent two weeks with those guys,
we didn't sleep^ didn't have time to eat and rest.
but it was worth it!
great experience.
now I even know some Slovenian words,
and decided to learn that language some day..

after that I had mini break, and 
when hockey happens..
I thought that I will love that sport,
but noo.
be a judge assistant when you know nothing about hockey
is kinda funny.

and it all ends with SKI JUMPING  
when I saw those glands my heart beats faster,
for someone it's just an iron6 but for me it's something more..
a place which I can call home,
place there you relaxed,
don't have any bad thoughts.
we met new friends there and expand our
ski jumping family.

I think it was the most emotional and amazing summer.

P.S. huge thanks for everybody who was with me 

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