Sassy and fast vegan dinner

It has been two years since I decided not to eat meat
and other things.
And probably one of the most frequent question is
"What do you always eat?".
( in fact there are so many different stupid questions,
but I just skipped them )
So that there are huge variety of dishes!
Others just can't imagine how much you can invent.

Recently I called in love in beans.
And it's not so funny to eat it without anything.
So I started thinking that can I do.
Here comes Beans with tomato and Chinese cabbage.


  • beans ( it would be much better if they will already in tomato sauce )
  • couple of tomatoes 
  • Chinese  cabbage
  • salt / pepper / garlic ( or whatever spices you want )

As you see you don't need so much products.
And the process is really fast and furious :D
( see, I've tried to tell a joke )
Firstly, put your beans in pan, put on the small heat and add your spices.
While they are become warmer,
you need to cut your tomatoes to small pieces.
Secondly, put tomatoes to pan, and wait for 3-5 minutes.
When you need to chop your cabbage and add it to pan.
And it's all!!
Just wait for over 4 minutes.
Don't forget to mix it from time to time.
Enjoy your healthy vegan meal. 

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