Stockholm. Travel book / part.3

Le Grande Finale.

The last but not least post about my trip.
So many emotions and memories from that wonderful city.

Firstly Stockholm was a bit cloudy and even gloomy 
as our mood.
We came to Stockholm accidentally,
we missed our train station
and went to city.
Yep, we are very lucky :D
but it was awesome "mistake".

Walking in  morning Stock is that deadly tired
travelers-volunteers need.
So we found a cozy cafe ( it's become a tradition to
spend time in such places ),ordered a tasty food
( I ate cinnamon bun, it's first eye love )
and continued our investigations.
We probably saw the half of the city in very short time!
Made a billionmillion photos of everything.

I liked that there were so many bicycles.
If you give me a possibility I won't stop making photos of them.

In the middle of our walking we saw a beautiful church.
And what we decided?
Of course, we must came closer!
We didn't even suspect how far it was..
When we reached it, the sun appeared!
It was like reward for our efforts.

It was crazy hours.
We've seen so much.
But we didn't buy any souvenirs!
Shame on me.

P.S. the bus to airport with WI-FI was generally a miracle.

P.P.S. we barely left Stockholm's airport, but it completely different story  

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