Falun. Travel book / part.2

Remember I mentioned thatI'm always in love?
Falun wasn't an exception.

Firstly, it certainly trampolines,
cause of them I become speechless and my heart
starts beating faster.
Inexpressible feelings.

Secondly, the town itself.
Small and very comfortable. Since few minutes
you feel like you're at home.
However, we regularly lost the road to our home
( why should I write home address? we just need 
extra adventures on our a*s ).
But we wasn't upset about it long-time-journeys.
Conversely on the way home we did some mischiefs.
Like singing loudly the song "Up Town Funk",
dancing in the middle of the road,
laying on the snow and enjoying the sky full of stars.

Thirdly, people.
Like a last missing puzzle in that perfect picture.
Insanely kind, sensitive and always ready to help you.
One evening I walked down the street and took some
pictures of street's sellers.
And one of them smiled and gave me some chocolates!
It was incredibly nice.

Special topic that i will highlight
( yep on of my favorite theme ).
It's sooo delicious ( tastier only in Germany ).
And that's most important that there were vegan food.
I was amazed. 
If you like food as much as me, you need go to Sweden.

I don't know is where any sense to describe that
we did in details.
We were volunteers in ski jumping team service.
( love all people from there   )
We brought chocolates and drinks to lounge,
where guys had a rest.
( after all that I became a HULK :D )
Worked in a funicular.
( it was great to stand there, a lil boring, but
when there came Noriaki Kasai or Simmon Amman or..
okay not about that )

Incredible atmosphere was there!
This feelings of being a part of such huge event..
If you ever have a possibility to take part
in something like that, PACK YOUR CLOTHES AND
You'll never regret.

Perhaps it's all.
The final part will come soon.

P.S. I hope you like it 

X     X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X


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