Riga. Travel book / part.1

How can I put long story to a short text?
Probably it's impossible..
I have to miss a lot of small details,
but it's not so essential.
I decided to separate a whole story of my unforgettable trip
to several parts.
Perhaps I need to start from the first city I saw.
( in fact first city was Moscow,
but I don't like it,
so it didn't counts )


As soon as we arrived to Riga's airport we saw...
YEP, cute Latvian boys. :P
( what else girls care? )
So the first impression was kinda good.
We had about 10 hours to explore city,
immediately we put our stuff to luggage storage
 bought tickets and went to old city centre.
Actually Riga is typical european city,
but it has it own charm.

Maybe the reason is in Latvian,
who speaks Russian?
Where else you can see it?
I'm really bad at guided in space.
Therefore it was great that I wasn't alone there.
But we still lost and we ended up in some kind of "suburbs".
It was so different from that we saw in the centre.
When we came again to old city and had a long walk to bridge
and around huge library.
Finally we sat in cozy bakery.
Bless god there was a wifi!

Conclusion: if you like old narrow streets,
european lifestyle, but you miss
Russian things, when you definitely
must visit Riga.

P.S. the next post will be about Falun. 
It's a city in Sweden where I worked as a volunteer
at Nordic World Championships.

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