It've been vegan for almost two years,
during all this time I've made a lot of trials and mistakes.
And now, at least I hope so, I'm on
my right way.
And today I decide that I want to treat myself 
with smoothie!
But I don't want just smoothie
I want smoothie with incredible granola.
There are so many myths around oatmeal!
Someone think that oatmeal clean our stomach and 
realize our body from "dirties".
Others believes that too many oatmeal is bad
for our figures.
I can't agree with both sides,
it depends only on YOU and how YOU feel.
But okay get straight to our recipe.
I cooked a small portion, cause only I will eat it.
But if you want bigger portion just increase amount
of ingredients. 

I took:
  • one cup of oatmeal
  • one spoon of honey ( yep I'm a sweet tooth )
  • nuts ( it was almonds and hazelnuts, but you can take that you prefer)
  • baby's puree without sugar
  • a little bit of cinnamon

Finely chop the nuts 
( it was the most boring thing and whole table was in mess!
but if you do it carefully everything will be okay)
Take the oatmeal, put it in big bowl 
and add all remain ingredients.
Mix it and put in oven preheated to 180 degrees.
The smell will be magical!
You need to bake it about 25 minutes.
But you need to mix it every 5 minutes,
so it wouldn't stick together.
You bravely survive 25 minutes.
My congrats to you.
Now you can add it to your smoothie.
( or just eat it )

 Guten Appetite 😊

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