Fair Fest // Yarmarka Fest

Fair Fest is one of the biggest event of the summer in Ekaterinburg.
And it's time to write a little about this.
In this year I went there with purpose of practicing in
And I really like it!
Special thanks to volural for giving me a ticket.)
This event is very bright, saturated and interesting.
Musical group's performance were incredible and thanks to the fair,
I discovered to myself On-the-Go.
If you like indie, you must listen them.
Unfortunately, I wasn't satisfied with the number of shops 
in the design market.
There were more of them last year.
But again, on the other hand there were a lot of shops
with vegan food.
It's a big plus for me.
Because I always have nothing to buy.
And I'm always hungry.

Overal, I liked it. I hope that I will visit this event again.

P.S. There u can see more photos 

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