Random thoughts

I always firstly try to create an interesting  title,
but it defiantly not that case.
Sorry for not writing for a long time.
I had no inspiration and nothing to write about,
then I catch a cold in 30 degrees
( it was so fucking strange, but it's me ),
then the Internet was broken.
The Winner of the life is detected.
Whenever I sat at home for a long time
a lot of strange and eccentric ideas appears in my mind.
And one of them is to go to university of art and cinema
to director's faculty.
I know it's so stupid, but this idea stuck in my brain.
In general, I start thinking about this cause Woodkid.
His works are stunning.
I can watch him forever.
The combination of black and white shots and
visual effects are really powerful.
Actually all films have their effects on us.
And after watching a super-wonderful film
you just thought about your ordinary life.
And yes I study physic at my university.
Science clearly not mine.

Peace and inspiration to everybody ✌

P.S. I hope I will make a post about smoothie soon

X     X     X     X     X     X     X     X


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