Explore new area

As I promised to myself, I went to search new area in my town. And like any seeker, I finally find hilarious place near our "dirty-skunk" river. The one thing which have disappointed me, was that there were too many people. They partly ruined my plans. 

The beauty of nature always inspire me and raise my mood. Despite that I can't take awesome photos of people, pictures of Tanya (my group mate) were very interesting and gorgeous (my self-esteem grows up). Although it's Tanya dignity rather than mine :D

Sailing Ship is my obsession <3

 Like I moved to another country

During our process ;)

Here is the result. She is beautiful, isn't she?

My dream is to leave on the beach and enjoy water every moment

There was a tram! Could u believe in that?

So European 

Ok. I think I should shut up, or I will write a lit of things :D

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