Volunteer experience.

Now it's truly difficult to write something here. I don't have inspiration or I don't have talent for this. But I must. There is something about I want to share with you.
I have long wanted to try himself as a volunteer , but did not know where, what and how. And absolutely accidentally found Volural .
I immediately signed up for the closest event and eagerly waiting for him . This event is dedicated to Victory Day . And it was really great to be part of such  event.
When we walked in the parade it was very difficult to control my emotions . Almost all of my great-grandfather died in the war. And it cost me a lot of effort not to cry . ( someone just very emotional person )
I met there lovely grandmother and she asked me to take photo of her. I must to print it out and bring her.
Oddly enough, but at the parade were people of all ages, it really surprised me.

Here is some photos:

And now about the other event. The next day (yes I can not sit calm), I was a volunteer at a football match, the last in this season! It was also very cool,and our team leader was so cool ;) 
Everything  have been fine, but I doused my partner with kvass ( traditional russian drink,I hate it). Yes I'm  sloppy girl. Sorry. 
But football has seemed to me boring, I prefer Bayer Munchen.


Kate :)

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