The Great Days

It's so pleasant when the weather is warm! You can go everywhere you want. 
I really like "dark" places with their own legends, and in my city the old hospital situated. ( there is one legend about different experiments in there, nobody can say you exactly that happened here in 60s, but it's so creepy!!)
Also I saw there a cute squirrel, it was truly unexpected. 

Old contain before enter.

One of my million picture  inside this building. I don't want to scare you and I would't add more :D

Little squirrel ;))

I have very huge obsession with cars. 
This is Volga.

Also I become a volunteer for The Days of the memory of Great War II.
I think it will be awesome to take part in such action. 

P.S. Do your country celebrate this? (All people have holiday :P)

X X X X X X 



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