Of course, you have seen many pictures with "30 DAYS TILL SUMMER", but for me this means that I will have my exams in 30 days. I study physics in my university, so this exams-time will be really hard for me. 
I try not to despair, but it's REALLY REALLY hard.

In my country 1st of may is the holiday and all people in my country have a rest. 

And me too. I have walked all day and met my friends. It was really nice day and the weather was great (it's strange :D)!

My city can look nice!

A week ago the bread factory was blow up!

The little airplane :))

I will love railway forever <3

Typical leg photo.

I think I have a problem in shooting people.
If u from Russia please give me a chance to fix it ;)

X X X X X X X 


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