I think it's time to introduce myself to you! And the best way (sectanly not, but who cares?) is TMI TAG. I hope it would't be zoo boring. 
Let the story about me began!

1: What are you wearing?
To be honest huge t-shirt with my university logo. And shorts.

2: Ever been in love?
I always in love in something, whether it's a thing, people, building or food (my true love :D)

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?

4: How tall are you?
About 158 sm, that's why everybody think that i'm younger than I actually am.

5: How much do you weigh?
It's a secret which I will carry to my grave (is that correct?)

6: Any tattoos?
Nope. But I'm going to do one on my leg

7: Any piercings?

8: OTP?
What is that??

9: Favorite Show?
American Horror Story
Game of Thrones

10: Favorite bands?
New Politics right now

11: Something you miss?
My old friends

12: Favorite song?
New Politics - Dignity
Onision - Banana song

13: How old are you?
18, and my birthday is coming. I'm scared. (19 y.o. is too much for me)

14: Zodiac sign? 
Lion. MEOW

15: Quality you look for in a partner?
I have no idea

16: Favorite Quote?
Never give up, maybe? 
It's never too late to prepare for your exams.

17: Favorite actor?
Soo many. Jonny Depp is the first in this list.
And of course Toby Regbo :)

18: Favorite color? 
All varieties of blue and pastel colors

19: Loud music or soft?  
Loud of course!!

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
Outside / Kitchen (joking)

21: How long does it take you to shower?
About 30 minutes, every member of my family hate me.

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
About 1 hour, fast and furious

23: Ever been in a physical fight?

24: Fears?
Insects. I hate them!!

25: Last thing that made you cry? 
My first exam comes in few days. Cry like a bitch.

26: Last book you read?
"Heaven has no favorites" Erich Maria Remarque

27: The book you’re currently reading?
"the basics of molecular physics" Matveev

28: Last show you watched?
The 100

29: Favorite food?

30: Place you want to visit? 
Thailand, Czech Republic, Italy, America,Australia...

31: Favourite flavour of sweet? 
Chocolate, cookies

32: What instruments do you play? 
Piano ( a little), guitar and drums

33: Last sport you played?
Football. Do you know that I played at professional football team?

Oh My glob! It's finally ended. If you read this all, you are my hero!!

P.S. I have a exam time, so I would't write here for couple weeks. 
But after this madness I will (I hope I will) take part in FIFA in our town.

X  X  X  X  X  X


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